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care for a cuppa anyone?
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22-20s, andrew kendall, baby juju walrus face, band t-shirts, being die-hard-core, belle and sebastian, blair=lucy, bloc party, brandon's pink leather jacket, calling people fags, clumsy!luxxie, coffee and cigarettes, cutting in teacups, dancing in teacups, drinking tea at dawn, dumb!katty, electro-folk, fat!pete, foxy ladies, frozen raspberries, geeky!russel, gin in teacups, gossip girl, harry polishing wand, harry potter, hehe cock, hottie mchot hots, hush my nymph, i capture the castle, in-jokes, indie foreign films, interpol, joe cocker, kaiser chiefs, kings of leon, les choristes, little britain, little thoughts, livin in da ghetto, lol said karl, looook at the sky!, lou reed, ludes, maximo park, muffalublub, muppet!kele, my uncle oswald, mystery jets, narwhol, nighty night, nikolai fraiture, nme wednesday!, pretentious french movies, private nicknames, razorlight, remus lupin sex god, sassy!carlos, scrolling, scrolling in teacups, scrolly!carl, serena=katherine, sex and the city, sex in teacups, singing in teacups, snobbery, snow white, soft-core pornography, special needs, sunday night bbc drama, swinging london of 2007, the beatles, the fiery furnaces, the finger waggle, the libertines, the notebook, the rolling stones, the strokes, the zutons, twee, twee cups, twee-pop