National Champion of "Keeping it Real" (diazanon) wrote in the_twee_party,
National Champion of "Keeping it Real"

Get yr pogo on!
12 bands 2 venues 1 crazy good pop-filled time!

Hydratic and Skinny Productions are ecstatic to present the first annual Twee, Pop Fest. Spanning the Northwest and even other countries [The Salteens hail from Vancouver, BC!] the Fest allows all the kids who love twee AND pop to get together and rock out.

See Math and Physics Club, Lillydale, Half Acre Day and The Salteens at Chop Suey [tix $7]
Or check out the Paradox with: Boat, Tullycraft and Jay Hydra [formerly of the Revolutionary Hydra!] plus many more terrific pop bands! [tix $8]
Go to both and get $1 off of at the Paradox with a coupon from the Chop Suey show!
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