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hi my little flying fish!!!

it's your moderator here, the one that never actually posts. i used to be the_other_kat but no mores.
i find it amusing that anyone actually joined this.

see, i think this needs some kind of history. the_twee_party actually started one evening, i was at miss f's house. it wasn't yet late enough to crack open the sara lea ice-cream and the sex and the city dvds (which incidentally, they're re-playing on australian television from tonight onwards!! omg!!)

anyway, with lack of anything else to do after a kings of leon dance off (naturally every_drop won, but i will always be able to shimmy better than her, never fear), us being our wonderful self loving ego indulging pretentious twee slags, created this.

so yeah...it turned into this. hello my dear posting members! we loveth you!
i hope baby juju walrus face continues to inspire you to new levels of greatness.
generally, our interests gives a rough idea of good things to post about, they're basically our shared loves.

but now my doves, i must return to my pd homework.
never stop rockin' those tea cups,
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