Hi. I'm new and my name is Caitlin. I ordered two CDs today from Aurora Seven: Mr. Happy Toe and The Panda Squad!

Also, if anyone here listen to Free Loan Investments (really great band, for those who don't know them), I found was browsing around and found out that Fickle Fame (go to their catalog) is releasing their unreleased songs! Buut I have no clue when or how long it has said that. Does anyone know anything about that? (@___@) I am eagerly awaiting a change and confirmed date.

Annnnnnyhoo, just wanted to say hi. And maybe bring a little activity to this place. (^__~)
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Twee Time!

I just joined. No one has posted here in a while, so I thought I'd attempt to rekindle some interest.

First, a promo. I have a radio show from 3-5pm (PST) on KZUU called Twee Time. I dedicate the first hour to jazz and the second to twee-pop. So... if anyone wants, they can stream the show.

The Legends: I know this isn't necessarily twee--more goth-twee than anything else, but has anyone listened to the new album by The Legends? For those of you who may not know, the group is on the Swedish label Labrador and is fronted by Johan Angergard of Acid House Kings and Club 8.

Snowdrops: I received this group's Mad World 7" in the mail from Matinee Records last week. In comparison to the original (Tears for Fears) and the cover by Gary Jules, I would have to say that Snowdrops take the cake. I would recommend this single (as well as anything by The Legends) to any and all.

Anyway, just wanted to say hi.

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(no subject)

Get yr pogo on!
12 bands 2 venues 1 crazy good pop-filled time!

Hydratic and Skinny Productions are ecstatic to present the first annual Twee, Pop Fest. Spanning the Northwest and even other countries [The Salteens hail from Vancouver, BC!] the Fest allows all the kids who love twee AND pop to get together and rock out.

See Math and Physics Club, Lillydale, Half Acre Day and The Salteens at Chop Suey [tix $7]
Or check out the Paradox with: Boat, Tullycraft and Jay Hydra [formerly of the Revolutionary Hydra!] plus many more terrific pop bands! [tix $8]
Go to both and get $1 off of at the Paradox with a coupon from the Chop Suey show!

teatime = tweetime

Did this the other day with a square cork board, leftover tea slips, sharpie and white acrylic paint. My father is English so I've grown up with teatime everyday in some form. Now that I'm in college I tend to have 2-4 cups of tea a day, so I thought I'd pay homage to it. Sealed the entire thing with gloss medium. Works great with tacks but I use it as a mat for the tea kettle.

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(no subject)

hi my little flying fish!!!

it's your moderator here, the one that never actually posts. i used to be the_other_kat but no mores.
i find it amusing that anyone actually joined this.

see, i think this needs some kind of history. the_twee_party actually started one evening, i was at miss f's house. it wasn't yet late enough to crack open the sara lea ice-cream and the sex and the city dvds (which incidentally, they're re-playing on australian television from tonight onwards!! omg!!)

anyway, with lack of anything else to do after a kings of leon dance off (naturally every_drop won, but i will always be able to shimmy better than her, never fear), us being our wonderful self loving ego indulging pretentious twee slags, created this.

so yeah...it turned into this. hello my dear posting members! we loveth you!
i hope baby juju walrus face continues to inspire you to new levels of greatness.
generally, our interests gives a rough idea of good things to post about, they're basically our shared loves.

but now my doves, i must return to my pd homework.
never stop rockin' those tea cups,
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The Cat's Miaow.

I do believe they are the most elusive band in existence.

Does anyone, anyone have anything by the Cat's Miaow that perhaps they can share with me? I've been looking for months and failed.

We should try to get this community to be slightly more active.

Though I'm not sure how active a twee community can be expected to be.

First post for me.
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New member

I did it again, and I don't really know why. I have just got rit of most of the communities who were on my flist, cause it was filling up. And now I added you, another community. It's good that you apparantly don't post too often, so perhaps adding you was a bright idea. I hope I will still like you after a few weeks.

What kind of a community is this? What kind of things do you post here? Nice to see a community without rules for a change.