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teatime = tweetime

Did this the other day with a square cork board, leftover tea slips, sharpie and white acrylic paint. My father is English so I've grown up with teatime everyday in some form. Now that I'm in college I tend to have 2-4 cups of tea a day, so I thought I'd pay homage to it. Sealed the entire thing with gloss medium. Works great with tacks but I use it as a mat for the tea kettle.

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omfg that is EXCELLENT!
no really, you're an inspiration to all tea-drinkers everywhere.
every_drop is at work, but when gets back, i will show her :)
thank you!!!!!!! yay for fellow tea-drinkers!

absolutely thrilled to keep this fabulous community from being completely devoid of posts. i think i'll start posting my antiquing purchases and see if anyone else gets going on it.
ooh yes do! i will post here more, eventually, i'm just not sure what about :-?